Love Conquers All

Love! What is it? What does it look like? How does it feel or taste? When do you know  it's for you? Love; is the greatest experience one will ever have. From God to Jesus our parents , sibling , family ,friends ,or our significant other. The truth is we cannot life without it. We were created by love ( God ) from love ( our parents ) too love ( people in our lives ).  If you look at the world around you and take the time to hear people's stories . You will soon realize a lot of the time the root of their joy or pain is from the lack of Love or the abundance of Love. 

I love to watch documentaries on the leaders of the world and how they rose to power. Drug lords and their rise to fame and fortune etc. I think about the path their lives could've went if they used all  that power for good.  How different the world and their countries would be. And as you take a look into their childhood you start to notice a pattern in a lot of these stories.  They never felt Loved! Whether they know it or not their lust for power , greed, and cruelness all comes down to them feeling rejected by love. Especially by the ones that were supposed to protect and provide for them. So now they have this unhealthy view ,and truly experience with " love "that is not from God. God isn't like that!  This is what happens when you have generation after generation searching for love defining what love this