Forgiveness and Healing T-shirt

The inspiration for this T-shirt was in a vision Jesus showed me while spending time painting. He started to show me what happens to a human heart when it is surrendered to forgiving others and healing from the pain. In this vision he showed me his light penetrating the heart , and touching every vein and arteries .In this vision the light is Jesus entering the body and when the light of God enters all those things that have been rooted in pain, pain starts to leave. The lies , offence, words spoken over you with no life in it,  ungodly mind sets that made your heart a home . Every and anything that was not sent from God had to leave in the Name of Jesus . So my prayer for you today is this. That as you put on this T-Shirt of Forgiveness over your body . You start to feel the presence of The Lord . The love of The Father as he comforts you. And that through the Holy Spirit with his help , you can forgive and be forgiven. And as you start to let go of all those things that your soul starts to prosper in Healing. My deepest and sincerest Love and Blessing in this beautiful journey of self love for you and your. Love & Peace - Yarenis


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  • I absolutely love this. The imagery is beautiful. It makes me want to get to know God on a deeper level. Thank you for sharing this blog. I pray God blesses this business. Amen 🙏🏽


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